Top 5 Destinations for Campers in the US

Top 5 Destinations for Campers in the US

With vast forests, deserts, and valleys: Hardly any other country is as diverse and fascinating as the USA. Watching the golden sun go down in the national park in the evening, wake up in the midst of untouched nature in the morning. Camping in the US offers the unbeatable advantage of always having your accommodation and staying flexible.

Here are the top 5 camping destinations in USA, all of which are family friendly!

1. Palo Duro Canyon – Texas

While mountains in the center of the US are rather rare, Texas offers some really great canyon landscapes. Especially recommended is the Palo Duro Canyon, the second largest canyon in the United States. Serpentines lead to the bottom of the canyon, where huge red rock formations, the so-called “Spanish skirts”, rise high into the sky behind the campgrounds. They have the name of their shape and the transverse grooves, which are indeed reminiscent of a skirt. Cedar trees stand out against the red rocks with their dark green color – a great place to camp, hike and take pictures!

Camping enthusiasts will find campsites for a variety of needs, from simple and functional tent and campsite pitches to stone huts formerly built by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

The area is also great for a day trip by mountain bike. Those who visit the canyon between June and August even have the chance to visit the musical “Texas”, which is performing there during this time!

2. Crater of Diamonds State Park – Arkansas

This state park is for those of you with the adventurer gene: this is the eighth largest diamond mine in the world, and best of all, you can look for diamonds, semi-precious stones and minerals here for a small fee!

If you happen to have no mining equipment in your RV, you can rent it locally. After the search, the Diamond Springs Waterpark offers a welcome respite.

The campsite is very pleasant even when the sun is shining, because it is shaded by trees. Both campers and tents are welcome here.

3. Ingalls Homestead – South Dakota

In DeSmet is a wonderful spot that is especially suitable for families with children: “Ingalls Homestead”, the homestead that also appears in the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Here you will be transported back a hundred years in time. Children can attend the One-Room School House, where they will experience the lessons as in ancient times – instead of baseball cap, there is a straw hat, and the teacher tells what kind of school kids used to have in the United States and what activities they did.

In addition, life on and around the farm offers countless other great activities, such as grinding wheat to make bread, making corn yarn to tie straw bales, cooking around the campfire, and doing laundry with the washboard – of course, with soap right in the yard will be produced.

Tip: Before booking a rental mobile home it is worth comparing the prices. So you can quickly save several hundred of dollars.

4. Gulf Islands National Seashore – Florida & Mississippi

If you want to experience the snow-white sandy beaches and the aquamarine blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, head to the Gulf Islands National Seashore, which stretches for more than 250 km along the Mississippi and Florida coast.

It is the perfect place for outdoor activities of all kinds: cycling, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, climbing or boat trips to one of the small islands.

Fortunately, the area is not yet so touristy and crowded, but still has 4 excellent tourist information centers. Even Fort Pickens with its pentagon-shaped floor plan is worth a trip for history buffs of the USA.

At the Fort Pickens Campground you can also stay overnight with a campervan or motorhome, many of the small islands also have simple tent campsites.

5. Apgar Campground – Montana

In the western US, in the heart of Glacier National Park, lies the Apgar Campground. The beauty of nature is almost unreal – it looks like the USA posters and calendars! Picturesque pine forests separate Lake McDonald with its glacier water from the fantastic mountain ranges. Here the amateur photographers can let off steam among you.

From here you can start exploring the Glacier National Park!

The campsite is located by the forest, with its own small fire pit for everyone. Adventure feeling is so inevitable!

Especially in the high season, but you should rather a little earlier than later secure his place, because the place is very popular with RV friends.

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